KPM (since Sep 2008):

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Java/Swing rich client and J2EE middleware development with IBM host backend access for a big automotive company in Wolfsburg/Germany. Team size: About six Java client/server developers and additional host programming staff.

Environment: Java 2EE, EJB 2.1, Oracle OC4J, UDB, Host, DB2, Jasper Reports, Windows XP, Linux, Maven2, SVN, CVS, HP Quality Center, Bugzilla

EpoqueNet (April - June 2008, 3 months):

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Additional work on EpoqueNet (see 1999) for the European Patent Office at empolis GmbH (till 2009 a Bertelsmann company) in Gütersloh/Germany in a team of about five Java/Swing client developers and additional C host developers for the new Z/OS based backend server processes.

Environment: Java 1.5, Swing, HTML, XML, Eclipse 3.4, Windows XP, AIX, CVS, GNATS

Virtual Travel Platform (VRP) and (March 2000 - March 2008):

Development in the fields of touristics for TUI InfoTec (the IT supplier of TUI AG) in Hannover/Germany:

Java Logo / Baustein / NPM: Development of fat (1st phase) and rich client (phases 2 and 3) B2B applications for marketing and sales of TUI products in travel agency offices. (phase 1) started as a graphical replacement for the IBM 3270 host screens of TUI's main reservation system IRIS. The follow-up phases Baustein and NPM are much more feature rich and offer products and booking services of additionally connected reservation systems.
Integration of the client applications into MySabre/Merlin and Amadeus/Vista.
Development in a changing team of 6 to 8 Java developers and additional host developers.

Environment: Java 2EE, Servlet API, JDOM/XML, Hivemind, SOAP WebServices (AXIS 1.0-1.2), Swing (JFC), JavaHelp, Threadworks, BEA WebLogic 5.1 - 8.1, Oracle, Sybase 11, Windows XP/NT 4, Sun Solaris 2.8, OOA/OOD, Rational Rose, Eclipse 2.x-3.x, Perforce, Bugzilla

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VRP: Development, constant improvement and maintenance of different touristic B2C eCommerce websites with direct access to host based backends for different travel companies of the TUI group in varying teams of about 15 to 20 Java developers.

Environment: Java 2EE, EJB 1.1-2.1, JDBC, SQL, Servlet API, JSP, Struts 1.1, Tiles, JAXP/JDOM/XML, BEA WebLogic 5.1 - 8.1, Oracle, Sybase 11, Windows XP/NT 4, Sun Solaris 2.6/2.8, OOA/OOD, Rational Rose, Visual Age 3.5, Eclipse 2.x-3.x, Maven 1, Perforce, Bugzilla, UNIX C and bash for some tools

Additional tasks:
  • VRP and software architecture team work
  • Technical lead for the client development of Baustein and NPM
  • Coaching, knowledge transfer, reviews etc. for new internal and external staff members, from mid 2006 to march 2008 primarily for new team colleagues from India for a first offshore pilot project with India and follow up projects (onsite and offsite)

EpoqueNet (1999/2000, 11 months):

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Software development at Bertelsmann OMS, Gütersloh/Germany, (now empolis GmbH) in an international project team of about 10 to 12 Java developers for a new patent retrival system (integrated suit of client desktop applications, RMI based middleware and host access) for the European Patent Office (EPO) in Den Haag/Netherlands.

Environment: Java 1.1.7b, Swing 1.1b2, RMI, InfoBus, Windows NT 4, OS/2, AIX, OOA/OOD, Rational Rose, Emacs, JBuilder 2, DocBook, MKS Source Integrity, GNATS

TRIAlink (1998/1999, 11 months):

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Development of a new C/S Remote Data Entry (RDE) software suit at the startup company Teamworks Communication Systems GmbH (now out of business), Hannover/Germany, in a team of 3 to 6 Java developers and business experts for biometrics.

Environment: Java 1.1.6, Swing 1.0.2, RMI, Servlet API, SUN Java Webserver 1.1, ObjektStore OO-DB, Windows NT 4, Sun Solaris, OOA/OOD, Together/J, Microsoft Visual J++, Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0, CVS/WinCVS

Miele Produkte-CD-ROM (1996/1997, eight months for the first initial version plus six more months for three updates):
C++ Logo

Design and programming of a CD-ROM based electronic product catalog and product presentation application at lisocon GmbH in Hannover/Germany for the well known german household appliances producer Miele. Updates in late 1997 and in 1998 and 1999 (about 2 months each).

Environment: Microsoft Visual C++ 1.52, MFC, SQL, ODBC API, Microsoft ACCESS 2.0, Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 for some tools, Windows 95/3.1

Other projects I realized or co-worked on were in the fields of web applications (UNIX, CGI, ANSI C), multimedia/CD-ROM, touchscreen applications (Window 95/3.x, Visual Basic 2 - 5, Microsoft C, Multimedia ToolBook) and business applications (UNIX, MS-DOS, C, PROGRESS RDBMS&4GL, Clipper/dBase).

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