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iTrumpf USA is my second Top Trumps®
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card game. It contains two educational card themes related to the United States of America:

  • US Presidents (44 cards)
  • US States (50 cards)
In the current version the game is always played against the device (iPhone or iPod touch).

You can find iTrumpf USA on Apple’s iPhone AppStore: iTrumpf USA on the App Store


Select a card theme in the main menu.
The following page allows you to study the cards of the selected theme, select a difficulty level for the game and to decide who starts the game.

iTrumpf USA startiTrumpf USA player selection

After you've chosen the first player, the cards are mixed and dealt among you and your device. Then the game screen is shown.

The Game Screen

The game screen is divided into three sections:

  • The top area displays the current state of the game with round number, number of cards in your pile and in the iPhone's pile. The 'back' button in the upper left offers a menu that allows you to quit, restart or continue the current game.
  • The middle area shows your topmost card. Double tap the card's image to see it in full screen mode. Tap it again to return to the card view. If the image doesn't belong into the public domain, the copyright holder is displayed in the lower area of the card. Tap the copyright holder to open the original image source and see the license information in Safari (internet connection needed). Be aware that this stops your current game. The middle area of the cards show the card categories and values. More on this below.
  • At the bottom a hint about the next action to be taken is displayed in a scrolling text next to the 'Continue' button.

iTrumpf USA president player cardiTrumpf USA president iPhone card
iTrumpf USA state player cardiTrumpf USA state iPhone card

How to play when it's the iPhone's turn

Your topmost card, against which the iPhone will play in a moment, is displayed. Tap the 'Continue' button or simply tap your card to let the iPhone make it's category decision. Playable categories are marked with [+] and [-], whereby a [+] means that a higher value in that category wins and [-] signals that a lower value wins.

After the iPhone made its category selection, the chosen category is displayed highlighted on your card. Shortly afterwards, the iPhone card is displayed.

How to play when it's your turn

Tap a playable category on your card. Playable categories are marked with [+] and [-], whereby a [+] means that a higher value in that category wins and [-] signals that a lower value wins.
To continue, press the 'Continue' button or simply double tap your category.
Then the iPhone card is shown. The value of your chosen category is displayed highlighted, too.

Winner of the Trick

The winner of the trick is displayed in the bottom area.
To compare the values of the cards you can tap and drag the iPhone card around to make your card partly visible again. Tap your card to bring it to the front again (and vice versa for the iPhone card).

Tap the 'Continue' button or double tap one of the cards to continue the game. The winner of the trick receives the top cards and places them at the bottom of his or its pile. The winner of the trick starts the next round.

In case both cards have identical values, the cards are placed in the centre. The winner of the previous round starts the next round. The winner of that round obtains all cards in the centre as well as the top cards.

iTrumpf USA end of game

End of Game

The game ends when one player has no cards left.

Link to program: iTrumpf USA on the App Store